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Frequently Asked Questions

With proper care and attention your lashes should last at least 3-7days. **If your lashes are falling off after only 1-2 days - you probably used too much glue! (That is the #1 easiest fix) Less is more with the glue - practice makes perfect!!

Method Lash is designed to go below your natural lashes for a longer and more natural look.

Absolutely - in fact we encourage it! Be more careful around your eyes and use your finger pads to remove lid make up - and a q-tip to remove eye liner or anything really close to your lash line.

Make sure you are gently "pinching" the lashes with the applicator at night and in the morning - not only will this strengthen the bond of the lashes, it will prolong the wear of your lashes also!

At Method Lash we have created the perfect remover - unfractionated Coconut oil is like magic in a bottle! You can also use make up remover or Micelar Water and apply it to a cotton pad and gently “swipe” down on your lashes the Lash clusters will come off. If one cluster that has a stronger hold - simply hold the cotton pad to the cluster with the remover on it, and allow some time to saturate the cluster. It will then come off the lash.

Have a cotton pad with you that has some make up remover on it or some “Rubbing Alcohol” and wipe the applicator free of glue if some gets on it.

You can use rubbing alcohol to cleanse the clusters - be careful - the clusters are hand-made with a delicate banding - which make them very fragile.

Some people have been able to re-use the clusters after cleansing the adhesive off - be sure they are rinsed of all alcohol prior to putting them close to the eye. Again the lashes are quire fragile and therefore re-using all the clusters might not be possible.

Method Lash is more than just lashes.  We are about empowerment, inspiration and comfort.  We bring the luxury of Lash Extensions to you at home in very unique ways.

Our lashes are of the highest quality fibres.  Careful consideration goes into the development of every single style, every single box, to be better than the last. Our lash fibres are soft, weightless and uniquely designed to be the lightest and most comfortable wear.  The fibres themselves are individually designed to best match the band, the length to create the over all look.

Our adhesives and accessories are all designed with the greatest intent for clean, safe, and durable quality.  We aim to have the most natural formulations combined with the most effective ingredients!  Our products are meant to be safe for sensitive, allergy prone skin, while also being the most effective and durable!  Now that is science.

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