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Unlocking the Secrets: What Makes Eyelashes Grow

At Method Lash, we pride ourselves in producing some of the finest eyelash extensions. There is and always will be a place for false lash extensions. However, it’s nice to have the option of your own natural lashes. Once you have the experience of big, bold eyelash extensions, you might find it hard to go back to your natural look.

Growing your own natural lashes to realize their full potential is a great endeavor. This works both for when you just want to wear a natural look, as well as giving your false lash extensions a sturdy and solid foundation to be placed upon. Growing your natural lashes out is an overall great idea if you’re into making your lashes pop!

You might be here because you have already tried to let your lashes grow naturally and are stuck. You might also be wondering what makes lashes grow. Well, we have compiled a list of several different things you can consider to help stimulate natural lash growth with several different approaches.

We will tackle supplements, food, natural compounds, and more in this piece on how to make your eyelashes grow longer, naturally! Once you have grown to a good length you can totally reconsider your options when it comes to planning out eyelash extensions. The possibilities become endless!


There are so many amazing natural foods that can help our lashes to grow naturally. If you think about it, they already do. It’s just increasing the amount of these specific foods that we eat that will in turn encourage further growth. We have highlighted several different foods that will suit any diet.


natural protein

Everyone seems to be talking about protein these days. What is protein actually doing? When fitness folks are discussing it this is mostly around muscle repair and regeneration after exercise. On a more general level, every single cell in our body contains some kind of protein in some form or another.

The protein in your cells is always changing and needs a constant stream of new proteins to thrive. As your hair cells are primarily made up of protein, it makes sense to eat a good amount. Whether you eat meat, are vegetarian, or are completely vegan, protein can come from a variety of sources, so it can suit all diets!


This one can be controversial as some people hate mushrooms. We love them! Mushrooms are packed full of amazing things that can help your eyelashes grow into their best selves. Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin B3 which helps to rehydrate and nourish hair follicles. This improves both the length and strength of your lashes, encouraging them to grow.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile and wonderful natural tools. Coconut oil is great as a skin moisturizer, a cooking oil, a hair-repairing agent, and many more. Coconut oil, particularly cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, is known for being helpful with hair so why would it not be good for lashes?

There is no real link between coconut oil and extended lash growth. Though coconut oil can help your hair grow strong and healthy, it doesn’t seem to be appropriate to stimulate eyelash hair growth. 


Vitamin E

Vitamin E has become a truly popular go-to for homegrown lashes. Vitamin E is known to be the primary vitamin that stimulates hair growth among a variety of different metabolic functions. Vitamin E is commonly found in many foods that you’ll eat regularly as part of a standard Western diet.

Vitamin E supplements, unfortunately, have not been proven effective in establishing continuous lash growth. Vitamin E oil is a common product but there hasn’t actually been that much proof that it helps. Some people have claimed it even has an adverse effect! If you have a Vitamin E deficiency it is possible that extra Vitamin E might stimulate growth though there isn’t much proof for this.


Biotin is an amazing compound that can help your body with all sorts of things! Biotin comes in a variety of supplement forms with the main function of helping to produce keratin. Keratin is a protein that is a key component of the cellular makeup of your hair. So, consuming biotin will help your hair grow long and beautifully.

Omega 3

omega 3

You might have heard of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in the context of a number of metabolic functions. It is known to have an impact on your cognitive ability, your inflammation, and much more. While Omega 3 Fatty Acids don’t actually cause your hair to grow itself, it does contribute to other aspects that can help to stimulate eyelash hair growth.

The anti-inflammatory tendencies of these acids can help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the areas where hair grows. Without this inflammation, hair can grow in a more unimpeded way. This lack of freedom is an issue for many people and can be solved by taking a supplement.

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We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about how to encourage your hair to grow into some fabulous natural lashes. We love supporting your natural lash growth. When you think they’re ready to rock, head to our website and grab some of our fabulous eyelash extensions for your next glam night!


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